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Liberty Bar

This is one of my favorite bars ever, and I have been to many, many bars.

Rosy and I spent three and a half wonderful hours here one warm and sunny Monday afternoon in the entertaining company of bartenders Hayley and Willy and their infectious love of the art and craft of cocktails and the community that surrounds them. Over the course of six cocktails, one beer, little tastes of the liquors we discussed, and four sushi rolls (in itself mind blowing that quality sushi and cocktails find a home together) we fell in love with this place. You might think entering “Awesome” for their name in the POS system would be presumptuous but no, when you read “Your server was Awesome” on the bill you can only agree.

We had one or two drinks from the menu, a mescal mule, and series of “something with that local barrel-aged gin” (Copperworks) or other local bottles. All these lead up to the pièce de résistance: after having so many good off-the-cuff drinks, a conversation about PDT in NY, and the chopsticks laying on an empty plate, I had to ask for a soy sauce cocktail. Hayley quickly disqualified the bloody Mary option and set to work. What arrived, an opaque and creamy concoction of soy sauce, wasabi, tequila, and blood orange was a sight to behold and a pleasure to taste. There was much discussion about a name, but I think I won, with “On a Roll.”

517 15th Ave E
Seattle WA 98112

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