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Eat Drink SF 2014

Rosy and I helped out Eman (and Bartlett Hall) by plating his dish at Eat Drink SF 2014. In exchange we got VIP/staff access for free. While we were putting together tiny octopus salad bites most of the time, we did get to stroll around the event and try lots of different foods and drinks, including free champagne. We got to go to the evening event as well.

While there was lots of good food and spirits, and even some good cocktails, the wine was uniformly disappointing.

Another thing we noticed is how much better-run Bartlett Hall’s station was than other stalls. Despite a near-constant stream of takers we never quite ran out of plates to grab. The supplies held until moments before the end of the event. We also had quite a few people come back near the end for a second taste and to tell us they liked Eman’s dish the best.